Drink and Tell

Drink and Tell is a site dedicated to people who enjoy alcoholic beverages. You can read and create reviews on beer, wine and liquor as well as favorite places to partake. You can track your BAC based upon what you are or may drink.

BAC Calculator

BAC is a function of your gender, weight and to a lessor degree body type. Drink and Tell has a BAC calculator that will allow you to track your current BAC, how long before your BAC will get to legal limits and how long until your BAC will zero out.

*** please note that while most legal limits are .08, alcohol can affect you long before you get to that legal limit.

Find a Drink

Drink and Tell lets you search for a drink by name, brewer, distiller, style or by recommendation from your friends. You, in turn, can write reviews or make suggestions for your friends.

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Find a Venue

Drink and Tell allows you to search for events and venues by location, menu content, drink list or family setting.

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